Early Christian Sects

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Tim Stepping Out


The following post contains my speculations.  As far as I can tell, there are zero mainstream Christian scholars who agree with my assessment about how Christianity developed, and there are probably even prominent mythicists who flatly reject these ideas; but after looking at this stuff for a while now, and developing a deep interest to assemble an honest and cohesive narrative that explains how, when, and why Christianity became the religion it did, these conclusions seem at least roughly correct to me, and I think they have more explanatory power than what you’ll hear from people who are attached to the traditional Christian narratives.

If you subscribe to any of these ideas I put forward, be aware that you will probably be in disagreement with people very knowledgeable about these topics, particularly when it comes to timelines, geographic origins, and major players in the early Christian dynamic.

I think the canonical gospels…

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