Did The Apostle Paul Exist?

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Tim Stepping Out

In my current hypothesis, Paul did not exist.  Or if he did exist, he was a much more marginal character than what he was later claimed to be.  James probably did exist, although I doubt he ever claimed to be a Christian, and he was certainly not the “brother of the lord”…that is, unless the lord was John.

Paul has a historical luxury:  he was claimed by no less than 3 distinct Christian sects (actually, quite a lot more, but I think these ones are the main-line):  the Johannines, the Marcionites, and the later Valentinians.  They all loved Paul in their own way, and leveraged him to advance their own positions.

That’s why we see such a muddied and inconsistent Paul throughout the New Testament.  It’s also why it’s so obvious that the Pastorals and Ephesians are completely or mostly fraudulent – the misogyny in them is remarkably in-line with other…

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